A Flash emulator is in preparation to save past Flash games

Everyone has played flash games and now there is an attempt to save them.

You don’t have to be into tech or complete lingo to understand Flash-based video game titles. They are free and used to flood the Internet for years. These were quick games to play right from your internet browser, but you might have felt the games were about to be gone for good. In a recent ad from Adobe, the Flash player expires after 2020, which could mean that old flash games you use to enjoy might no longer work from your computer. It’s something Mike Welsh hopes to avoid.

In an attempt to save countless flash games, Mike Welsh is working on an emulator that can be downloaded as a web browser extension. The program is known as Ruffle and it will allow gamers to enjoy flash game seamlessly right on their web browser. It will take a while to roll out, but at the very least, it’s a start in the hopes of preserving some of the biggest video game hits we’ve all enjoyed over the years.

This shred of news came in the form of a forum post from Newgrounds, a website that seeks to incorporate the extension so that all past flash content performs as expected. It remains to be seen how long this project will take before it takes over all the flash content that has been created over the years, but you can see its progress on the official site here. Since we’re thinking about old PC games, let us know what your favorite flash game was and if you still enjoy playing these indie titles today.

Source: PC Gamer, Newgrounds

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