Calc2Web announces new tools for developing professional calculators

Borchen, Germany – July 14, 2022 – has launched a new website for European and American business users that allows companies to create business calculators and integrate them into their own websites. The company offers free calculators and creates custom calculators. Calc2Web has developed around 400 high-end professional calculators since 2016.

Calc2Web develops premium calculators for business, encompassing those for Excel sheets, WordPress, HTML, form and highly technical calculators for premium users. Calculators for a large number of subjects are available. Individuals and business users can use the free calculators on the company’s website, and individuals can generate simple calculators online for free.

The company has introduced new calculators and tools to determine a stock’s intrinsic value, calculate heating costs based on oil prices, and the amount of money that will need to be invested over a specific time period to achieve desired results. Individuals can also create complex calculators to determine the cost and fuel consumption of an electric vehicle.

A calculator for optimizing personal healthcare costs over 10 years, determining the German beer tax and comparing the costs, yields and profitability of photovoltaic systems are available. There is also a calculator for determining excise taxes on sparkling wine.

Online calculators add value to websites and are popular with customers. People are looking for all types of information; from the amount of vitamin D they need each day to stay healthy, to the amount of income tax they will have to pay on a bonus. A web search for a calculator will return hundreds of results, many of which were designed with Calc2Web technology.

Calc2Web provides free calculators that can be integrated into business websites and tools for individuals to create their own. The company also creates professional calculators for sophisticated needs to exact customer specifications through its premium and pro services.

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