Climate Democracy Action (CDA) Agenda 2022 for Advocates and Policymakers ($20,000 grant)

Deadline: July 15, 2022

Applications for the Climate Democracy Action (CDA) Program 2022 are now open. Climate Democracy Action (CDA) is a practice-oriented training and support program that prepares advocates and policy makers to use participatory strategies to drive local government response to the climate crisis.

It focuses on design approaches that emphasize equity and inclusion, thereby addressing environmental disparities and inequalities and transferring power and resources to where they are needed most. The program is a collaboration between People Powered, World Resources Institute and FIMA, with financial support from Porticus.

For six months, participants will receive action-oriented training; be assigned a dedicated expert mentor; and participate in peer learning opportunities as they develop an action plan to launch a participatory climate-focused program. They will first have access to the new interactive participation manual, to guide them step by step through the planning process.


  • At the end of the program, participants will complete a fully developed action plan for a participatory climate-focused program and receive a certification in action for climate democracy.
  • They will select two of the action plans to receive an implementation grant:
    • the best overall plan and
    • the best plan to implement in the sub-Saharan region.
  • Each team will receive a grant of US$20,000.


They will select 40 advocates or policy makers looking to start a participatory climate action program to receive free training, mentorship and peer support. This includes:

  • Members of civil society organizations or coalitions that support or advocate for public participation, democracy, and climate action.
  • Local government staff, civil servants and decision-makers seeking to implement a participatory program for climate action.

Who is eligible for the US$20,000 prize?

Applicants interested in the award must meet additional eligibility criteria:

  • Be from a civil society organization or coalition engaged with a local government authority that wants to implement or improve a participatory program for climate action OR
  • Be from a local government authority receiving support from a civil society organization which may be the grant recipient.


Complete and submit the request form linked at the bottom of this page. You will be asked to provide a detailed answer to the following questions:

  • What kind of experience do you have with participatory or deliberative processes? (maximum of 1250 characters)
  • What is your experience working with local governments or civil society organizations on environmental policy or climate change planning? Can you give an example? (maximum of 1250 characters)
  • How have you engaged marginalized or excluded communities in your previous work? These groups or communities may include climate-vulnerable communities, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, religious minorities, ethnic and racial minorities, youth and children, the elderly, women and LGBTQ+ people, among others. (maximum of 1250 characters)
  • If you are a civil society organization, how have you engaged with local government on participatory programs? If you are a local government, how have you collaborated with civil society organizations on participatory programs? Do you have a formal partnership agreement? (maximum of 2000 characters)
  • Is there an upcoming or ongoing local climate-focused planning or policy process that you are aware of that the CDA program could support? (maximum of 1250 characters)
  • What will you try to accomplish by participating in the CDA program? What are the biggest challenges you want to overcome? (maximum of 1250 characters)
  • What kind of support do you need from the program to help you achieve your goals? (maximum of 1000 characters)
  • Is there any other information that might help them understand your interest and experience? (maximum of 1000 characters)

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For more information, visit CDA program.

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