Business Relationships

Unlock competitor, supply chain, M&A and industry intelligence.

The partnerships, customers, vendors, alliances and joint ventures that organizations enter provide immense insight into where competition, markets and technology are going.

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See competitor priorities, strategies and areas of expansion

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Uncover the technologies, products and startups your competitors are making early bets on.

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Assess traction of startups

Discover the startups with real potential.

Companies can use business relationships to legitimize their reputation in an industry while scaling their products and services—increasing funding rounds, valuation and a successful exit.

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The platform gives us access to data about investors, board members and other connections whose relationship to the company might not be clear on LinkedIn.

James Loftus Global Ecosystem Lead, Block
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Predict future M&A transactions

Never miss out on what competitors will do next.

Prior business relationships, especially those to explore a new market, technology, or use case, can often lead to future M&A.

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Understand future industry trends

See trends before anyone else.

Use clusters of business relationships coalescing around new technology or a business model, especially a nascent one, to reveal trends worth paying attention to.

With CB Insights, we’ve taken the guesswork out of innovation, allowing us to take on bold new businesses without having to roll the dice.

Ben Wright Vice President, 3M Ventures
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Analyze vendor health

Your next supply chain decision depends on it.

Get a complete view into the health of a potential partner or vendor, as well as of any existing relationships that might present challenges for you in working with them.

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