Mark your calendars! Malta’s first ever AgriFair showcases all things local

Despite our nation’s small size, Malta has such a strong agricultural industry that an endless array of products that we use daily can be supplied by local means.

Given the hard work that farmers, fishermen and all other industry players do on a daily basis, it is high time that this sector of the Maltese economy received the recognition it deserves.

This is why, for the first time ever, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights (MAFA) will host Malta AgriFair.

This massive event is taking place this month, and trust us when we say you won’t want to miss it…

To begin with, Malta AgriFair 2022 will highlight local products, machinery, systems and technological developments in the agriculture and fisheries sectors.

This should be done through the involvement of key stakeholders in the aforementioned areas – we are talking about SMEs, large organizations and everything in between.

Through this, the fair will provide a platform for both the local farming community and growers to inform the general public about the industries products and services.

Sounds interesting, right?

Whether you attend AgriFair as a member of the agriculture and fishing industries or simply as a spectator, you can be assured that there will be plenty to take in.

The huge list of exhibitors currently includes companies, organizations and institutes like Malta Sunripe, Mgarr Farmers Cooperative Society, Water Services Corporation, Malta Food Agency, KPH Group and ABACO Group – and this is only scratch the surface!

Here’s a taste of what you can get out of a visit to this event…

Participants are prepared to become more familiar with the concept of “farm to fork”, as the food chain system of production, harvesting, processing, distribution and consumption of food will be demonstrated in a very visual, innovative and interactive way.

But wait, there’s more! The Malta AgriFair is much more than just a theoretical apprenticeship – so much so that it will host a fully-fledged live animal section where Maltese breeds of different farm animals will be showcased.

Speaking of farm animals, the fair will host two farm animal competitions: a live cow competition May 21 at 6 p.m. and a live sheep and goat competitions May 22 at 10:30 a.m.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to learn about Malta’s thriving fishing industry. One of the fair’s most unique attractions, for example, will see wooden models of five different species of fish found in the Maltese seas hanging from the roof of the site.

The Aquaculture Branch, an exhibitor at AgriFair, will also be showcasing various live fish in a range of aquariums.

Apart from that, a different area will be dedicated to agriculture, with demonstration fields showcasing different crops, trees and vines.

One last thing – among the many other interesting demonstrations that will be put on, a large honeycomb structure will also be on display to educate attendees about the Maltese bee. Sweet!

If you plan to attend AgriFair with your children, know that there will not be one, but of them children’s areas.

And if all that walking and learning makes you feel peckish, you can always refuel at the fair’s restaurant or food stalls, which will serve Maltese food.

Thinking of attending?

The Malta AgriFair 2022 will take place at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Center (MFCC) in Ta’ Qali from Friday 20 May to Sunday 22 May. The opening hours for the three days of the fair are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A standard ticket for this event (for people aged 12-59) will only cost you €3, while children under 12 and seniors (60+) can enter for free.

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