NFT at M’sia this week: Mark your calendars for a 2-day NFT ConFest at KLPAC in June

Maybe it’s due to stereotypes, but I imagined people in the NFT scene were pretty isolated from each other in real life.

There is no doubt that the online NFT community in Malaysia is growing stronger. After all, the NFT Malaysia Facebook page has over 10,000 members. Still, creators and collectors often seem shrouded in anonymity, so I figured they wouldn’t like to interact outside of Discord or Twitter.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It turns out that these online communities also translate into offline gatherings.

The local NFT community comes together in a face-to-face meeting

An unusual crowd gathered in a café last Saturday to talk about all things NFT.

The community gathering was led by Baby Boss, punk gamersand The punk cockroaches, all creators on PENTAS, a locally founded NFT marketplace. Along with the free flow of food and drink, giveaways and prizes were also included.

The founder of Gamer Punks tweeted that Baby Boss partially sponsored the event and provided giveaways, while Roach Punks partnered with the event venue, a cafe called Merchant.

In fact, this partnership seems to have been going on for quite some time now. But the recent rally seems to have had the biggest turnout so far, at least according to one Tweeter.

In addition to collectors, many PENTAS designers were also present at this meeting, including the people behind bear drops, PandaPunk, and more. Many participants decided to “doxx” themselves, meaning they revealed their faces online for the first time.

Same Irsyad Saidinthe co-founder of PENTAS, tweeted live from the room, capturing the liveliness of the crowd.

With so many people attending, it proves that the NFT community is no longer strictly an online community. By creating connections and building trust offline, those who are interested in getting into space but have been hesitant to do so might feel more emboldened to finally join.

First NFT conference in Malaysia?

Another group taking advantage of the growing NFT community in Malaysia is M1NTEDan NFT ConFest which will take place on June 4 and 5 at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.

According to a press release, this ConFest (a combination of conference and festival) aims to help the public better understand NFTs.

Conversations about the connection between NFT and arts, music and games will take place / Image credit: M1NTED

The event will be divided into two parts: conference and festival. The conference side will include panels on art, games and music. Meanwhile, the festival side will feature activations, NFT showcases, and more.

M1NTED boasts that the two-day event will include “some of the region’s finest minds, guild leaders and industry luminaries”. However, the team has yet to name anyone.

The event is organized by The Livescape Groupa business and experience incubator based in Southeast Asia.

Artists interested in displaying their NFTs at ConFest can register through a Google form. Registration for ConFest is scheduled to open on May 1.

So far, M1NTED has already accumulated more than 11,000 followers on Twitter. We’ll have to wait until June to see if that number translates to strong turnout.

NFTapir launches a gallery

Local NFT Marketplace NF Tapir launched a metaverse gallery last Sunday. Powered by Spatialthe gallery presents a work of each artist who struck his art at least once.

What the gallery looks like / Image credit: NFTapir

Once in the gallery, you will be able to interact, chat and talk to other visitors in real time.

One of NFTapir’s distinctive features is its phygital system, where physical art is combined with digital spaces. This means that the platform helps artists transform their works developed on physical media into NFT.

This metaverse gallery is thus part of the continuity of its phygital movement. According to co-founder Zang Tan, the gallery was also created to “give artists a taste of the metaverse experience”.

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Featured Image Credit: NFTapir / M1NTED / Punk Gamers

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