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Delaware tenants who are struggling to meet their expenses will be eligible for an additional three months of rental and utility assistance. The Delaware Housing Assistance Program will now make available up to 18 months of emergency assistance.
The DE-HAP program in its current form was launched in March 2021 to help tenants who have been impacted by closings, closures, layoffs, reduced hours, unpaid leave or related financial hardship. to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants can request up to three months of assistance at a time, in accordance with US Treasury Department guidelines.

“We are proud to announce this update to the DEHAP program,” said Eugene Young, director of the Delaware State Housing Authority. “While the three month difference may seem negligible to some, we know it makes a huge difference to Delawares in need.”

According to the DHSA:

Applicants who have already reached the previous 15 month limit may reapply for the additional three months and are encouraged to visit their DEHAP portal profile via decovidhousinghelp.com or contact the DEHAP call center at (866) 935-0407 for more information and reapplication advice.

Those looking to start a new application or check program eligibility can do so by visiting decovidhousinghelp.comby texting “RentHelp” to (302) 204-5676, or contact one of 15 DEHAP community navigator organizations statewide for on-demand assistance.

DEHAP has distributed more than $55 million in rent and utility assistance for nearly 10,000 Delawarens since its inception.

“DEHAP is a considerable asset for our State. So if you are looking for a sign to apply, this is the one. The program is available and DSHA looks forward to assisting you as we all recover from the effects of the pandemic,” Young said.

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