Palm Springs OKs Universal Income Program for Transgender Residents – NBC Los Angeles

A Southern California town will provide monthly payments to transgender and non-binary residents under a guaranteed income pilot program, which is expected to roll out over the next year.

The Palm Springs City Council approved Proposal at a meeting on March 24, which will launch the program with $200,000 to fund initial research and planning.

The pilot program would eventually provide monthly payments to a number of transgender and non-binary residents in Palm Springs, with no stipulations on how the money can be spent.

A Palm Springs City Council Report points out that transgender and non-binary residents are “particularly vulnerable” due to unemployment, homelessness, assault and discrimination.

The program will also seek state funding $35 million allocated in 2021 to guaranteed income programs across California.

The program, in partnership with Palm Springs DAP Health and Queer Works would take place in three phases, with launch expected between October and February 2023. Residents would be invited to apply in March, according to a city report.

The Palm Beach pilot program is part of a larger trend for cities — like Stockton, Los Angeles and San Francisco — to provide supplemental income to at-risk residents.

The application period for the Los Angeles County Guaranteed Income Program began last week. The program will give 1,000 county residents $1,000 a month for three years.

Applicants in Los Angeles are required to meet certain income and residency requirements, in addition to being negatively affected by COVID-19.

Palm Springs and Los Angeles County aren’t alone in their efforts to provide residents with extra money. El Monte and long beach are also working on similar programs that would provide $500 payments to some residents.

The idea of ​​basic income first sparked national interest in 2019 when Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs – then the youngest mayor in the United States – gave 125 residents $500 payments for two years, through a privately funded program.

The idea took off when Democratic candidate Andrew Yang, a candidate for the 2020 presidential election, universal payments offered for all American adults.

For more information on the Palm Springs pilot program and for a tentative schedule for rolling out the program, see the linked document here.

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