Rising Marketer’s Guide to the S4 Capital Fellowship Program

This story is part of Adweek’s new series on agency scholarship programs. As agencies continue to face a talent shortage, many recent graduates or retrainers are looking to break into the industry. In this series, we cover programs for entry-level marketers at top agencies.

Arion Kidd-Weeks is one of three fellows who started in 2021 at S4 Capital. Kidd-Weeks and his two counterparts, all three from HBCUs, engaged in the Martin Sorrel– company supported for four years. Characterized by its flexibility, the S4 program offers fully covered salary and immersive learning experiences across the globe.

Kidd-Weeks studied film, television and emerging media at Morehouse College, landing high-profile projects after graduation, such as producing work for Beats by Dre’s Apple partnership. Looking to officially enter the world of advertising, he found the S4 program online and applied.

This application involves a comprehensive interview process that grants applicants interviews with the highest levels of leadership – from the founder of Media.Monks Wesley TerHarr and founder of MightyHive Pete Kim, to Sir Martin Sorrell himself.

“It was a cloudy day, but the clouds literally lifted and the sun started to shine. I felt so good and so fulfilling that all the hard work I put in throughout the application process paid off and came to fruition in the end. So I’ll never forget that day. And I’ll never forget that feeling that came over me,” Kidd-Weeks told Adweek.

S4 offers Fellows a hybrid experience, where a Fellow can visit Media.Monks offices or choose to work from home. The company sponsors the relocation of its fellows, assuming they wish to work in a particular location. He fully covered the costs of Kidd-Weeks moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

“It was a matter of deciding where I wanted to go. And I decided, ‘I want to go back to LA and work in this creative hub of Los Angeles.’ So I shared that and they supported that 100%,” he said.

Fellows can personalize their experience, even if it involves frequent relocation. Kidd-Weeks will be moving to London in the coming months to gain international experience. Fellows can also tailor their experience to their interests. Kidd-Weeks opted for a joint mentorship structure in which he learns from a writer from the creative team and a writer from the film and content team.

“We ended up customizing something for him based on his interests,” Lara Burnistonco-CEO US, at Media.Monks, says Adweek. “The intention was [to] meet Arion, understand what he wants to learn and grow from [and] identify some good teams for him to be around. And then we will have constant checks with him based on objectives and goals [he has]. And we will pivot from there,” she said.

Kidd-Weeks currently reports to ecd Los Angeles and is involved in film and content design, script writing and content development support through other initiatives such as scouting and casting of talent, staging to guide production, or adjusting scripts on the fly.

“On the day of my offer for the program and the job, the message got through and I celebrated by listening to Sault’s ‘Son Shine’ (which was already etched in my head). It’s a song that’s close to my heart. heart and ironically, she was recommended to me by Wesley Ter Haar during our interview,” Kidd-Weeks told Adweek.

You can see more Arion Kidd-Weeks‘ work here or connect with him on LinkedIn.

TLDR: See program details, including how to apply, in our Q&A with S4 Capital below.

When did you find the program?

How many cohorts do you welcome each year?

How long is the scholarship program?

Four years.

What does your program pay and do employees receive benefits?

S4 Capital Fellows are full-time salaried employees with full benefits, plus relocation and travel opportunities.

How many employees are you hiring or planning to hire for each class?

F1 (2021) = 3, F2 (2022) = 5, F3 (2023 estimate) = 8-10. F3 will also debut in EMEA, estimate 4.

What percentage of your bottom class of program employees is historically underrepresented?

Our inaugural class includes three fellows from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), all three identifying as BIPOC and two identifying as male, female.

Is a university degree required to apply for the scholarship?


How competitive is the stock market?

Since the launch of our scholarship program in 2021, our sources of recruitment have varied at the start of our program. Social media, word of mouth referrals, traffic to the S4Capital website and the HBCU career portal (Handshake) drove applications and increased in year two. Our three F1 Fellows have been involved in recruiting the next class of Fellows and have been approached by potential candidates from their HBCUs, Spelman and Morehouse.

The Handshake Career Portal includes key information about the program, videos, how to apply using an ATS (Breezy) system, and details about the application process – which is deliberately designed to be welcoming, but is clear that it will take time and thought to complete. We know from experience that this will filter out candidates who see it as a worthwhile opportunity. It has proven to be remarkably efficient, delivering the type of candidates we are looking for.

Each candidate who inquires and applies has the opportunity to participate in an application coaching session with a member of the scholarship selection team, who offers tips, suggestions and advice on how to improve their application.

After an initial screening interview, each candidate meets with a panel of leaders from the scholarship screening team, with a final meeting with Sir Martin Sorrell to conclude our hiring decision.

How long does the application process take from start to finish?

About two months.

What should candidates prepare as part of the hiring process?

We need an application, a short video and a CV.

What percentage of your cohort receives full-time offers at the end of your program?

No data on this subject is available at the moment. The S4Capital Fellowship lasts for four years. With the arrival of the first class in 2021, they are only one year old at this point.

When are you hiring your next cohort?

The next deadline for the S4Capital scholarship is July/August 2022. More information is available here.

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