St. Cloud veteran gets new home under national program

ST. CLOUD – A St. Cloud veteran has received a new roof for free through a national program.

Zacharie Mangas is a veteran of the U.S. Army National Guard and was selected by the non-profit organization Purple Heart Homes to have his roof replaced.

The Rooftop Deployment Project is an effort to show gratitude and honor to veterans who have served our country and the families who support them.

Mangas says he’s needed a roof replacement for several years due to storm damage, but it’s been difficult to work with the insurance company.

The other day we had two buckets full of rain water seeping in addition to having had a tarp on the roof for the past two years. We can sleep much better now because of it and it’s pretty amazing.

Mangas says he is overwhelmed by the generosity he has experienced and is eternally grateful to have this opportunity.

Through the partnership with Purple Heart Homes, all roofing materials were donated by the Minneapolis-based Owens Corning Foundation, Advantage Construction Inc., donating the labor for the installation.

Stephanie Weigel is with Avantage Construction. She says they strive to do about two roof replacements a year for area veterans.

It’s just about finding veterans who need it. We try to spread the word as best we can. We specialize in roofs and want to help veterans who could use a new roof.

Since the programs began in 2016, more than 350 service members have received new roofs.

Weigel says they are always looking for more veterans to help with this program.

If you know of a veteran who could use their services, you are encouraged to contact Advantage Construction or apply on the Purple Heart Homes website.

Roof deployment project

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