The CCPS program helps parents understand what their children are learning


Helping children prepare for the future while involving parents is the goal of a program launched this year in Collier County.

It helps parents understand and be aware of what their kids are doing at school, and there’s even a guide to making sure everyone has a healthy relationship at home.

What is part of every student’s daily life may not be understood by their parents. This is why Collier County Public Schools have their Parent Academy.

“If parents know what their children are learning, if they understand all the different resources available, or even if they can apply certain things at home that they are learning in school, that only prolongs the learning process. learning and helping your child succeed,” said Elena Ruiz, deputy director of the Parent Academy.

That’s what Anna Zavadzkas wanted to do for her daughters. She has four, but the Parent Academy only exists for her two youngest. She said the difference is day and night.

“In order for our children to be engaged and synergize what they learn in school, we now understand at home what they are working on,” Zavadzkas said.

The Parent Academy offers seminars every month. The April seminar focuses on seven habits of very effective families, because a healthy family life means a happy life.

“It opened my eyes to see other families and see what they were using, and I applied it and it works,” Zavadzkas said.

“I love it. I’m extremely happy. I love creating this program and making it something that our parents really want to use and incorporate and grow,” Ruiz said.

If you can’t make it to the seminars, you don’t have to worry. You can watch them online with Spanish and Creole translations available. You can visit the Parent Academy website by click here.

Parent Academy also has a section where you help your high school students prepare to apply for college, including navigating how to apply for student loans and financial aid.

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