The Internet Archive now has over 1000 preserved Flash games

It’s the end of an era now that the Flash plugin has come to an end. Something that should make web developers everywhere extremely happy given how outdated the technology has become. A sad thing that will also go away with Flash is the massive library of smaller games that have been developed with the technology.

It’s a treasure trove of games that should be preserved in some form, even if it’s just to remind us of how far web technology has come. Fortunately, The Internet Archive – the non-profit digital library known for the Wayback Machine – has announced that it will preserve Flash animations and games before Adobe ends support for the software at the end of this year.

The Internet Archive has revealed why it believes these games are important to gaming history and should be preserved for current gamers, now that over 1000 games and animations have already been saved:

The software allowed a beginner or novice to create amazingly complicated and flexible graphics and sound broadcasts that worked flawlessly on web browsers without requiring in-depth knowledge of individual operating systems and programming languages.

The company will build an emulator that can run these Flash games through HTML5 and allow people to play some of their favorite classics. Of course, Flash games may not be the high point of many people’s gaming habits, but between the many carbon copies and bad causal games, there were also decent games that were responsible for the loss of many too many hours of a productive workday.

Not that these people would admit to their bosses that they were wrong. Which Flash game are you most looking forward to playing again in the future?

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