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Margin trading has become increasingly popular among e-currency traders over the past couple of years. Therefore, many popular exchanges have included Bitcoin margin trading capabilities in their platforms to satisfy the growing demand. There are traders around the world who use reliable platforms, for example in Germany they have the official Bitcoin Prime website for German because these cryptocurrencies are basically digital assets that people can use to make international transactions , no matter where they are in the world.

A bitcoin margin trading calculator allows traders to calculate the money needed in their account to open and also maintain a leveraged trading position. In this guide, we will cover the best Bitcoin (BTC) margin trading calculators to help you predict possible earnings.

About margin trading

Margin trading is the use of borrowed resources to increase the size and therefore the possible earnings (or perhaps loss) of a trading position. The total amount a trader must hold in their account to open and maintain leveraged trading positions is called margin.

Experienced traders deal with margin trading to amplify their trading profits. Whenever the margin industry moves down the right path that has stalled while making a profit, the trading revenue is multiplied by the control the trader has chosen (minus margin borrowing fees plus all other trading fees).

Bitcoin Margin Trading Calculators

FXPro Margin Calculator

FXPro is a leading online broker that even supports electronic currency trading. On its cryptocurrency platform, users can trade CFDs on almost all major digital asset pairs, including BTC, LTC, ETH, and more.

The platform supports trading with the use of up to 500:1. Owners have a variety of resources on the FXPro platform, such as a specialized margin calculator for quick entry to best margins for just about any leverage ratio.

CryptoAltum Dynamic Leverage Margin Calculator

CryptoAltum is a separate margin trading platform for electronic assets. Owners have the ability to access over sixty different crypto/fiat currency pairs with minimal spreads, secure funding and fast withdrawals.

The margin calculator on the platform relies on a dynamically leveraged version, which adjusts the total account leverage based on consumer position exposure. We counted more or less forty-eight separate e-asset pairings, tied to crucial cryptos including BTC, DASH, LTC, ETH, and XRP.

Apart from an intuitive and simple interface, the CryptoAltum calculator page also offers the possibility to access a useful starter manual on calculating crypto margins as well as earnings. Because of these easy to use features, we gave this calculator 4 out of 5.


A digital asset platform known as CryptoGT is a leveraged trading platform. CryptoGT includes both dynamic leverage margin as well as real-time calculators. Users can calculate the margin required to open and maintain a position on CryptoGT using its real-time margin calculator.

Values ​​are determined by leverage and amount, which can only be scaled up to 2001. On the plus side, you get permission to access a minimum of thirteen different crypto advantage pairings .

This low-leverage bandwidth is one of the main reasons why the CryptoGT Calculator has an overall rating of three out of five. The device earns points for supporting over a dozen different assets, while still being fairly accessible and very easy to use.

Forex CashBack Margin Calculator

CashbackForex was launched in 2007 and since then it has been regarded as a web-based forex rebate provider. Cashbackforex has a tool known as the Margin Calculator which supports both digital and fiat currencies. The Margin Calculator webpage is among the best we’ve reviewed, with a beginner-friendly screen, a detailed FAQ section that covers all the basics, and also access to plenty of electronic assets.

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