5 flash games you absolutely must play in 2017

Who says flash games aren’t as good as heavy console games? Of course, they don’t have the VR function, but they can be just as exciting. Most of them are free, short, and do not take up system memory. There are some browser games that have grown in popularity and as 2017 we see more surprises coming to the online gaming world. Five of these amazing browser games are mentioned below. Most of you may not have tried them yet, but if you are a fan of browser games, you will love them!

Tanki online

Obsessed with huge tanks and deathmatch? Tanki Online is the game for you. The goal is quite simple; Blow up as many enemy tanks as you want or shoot them with awesome weapons. Controlling the tank can be a little tricky, but once you get your hands on it it’s fun and destructive. Ranked among best flash games, the graphical representation of Tanki Online is close to a high resolution of PS2 and therefore quite admirable.


In 2016, Runescape was the most prolifically updated MMORPG video game by Guinness Book of World Records. Millions of players are signing up to play this popular free game and if you are not one of those players then you should definitely give it a try. Visually, it is not an attractive game, but it makes sense because it was created 15 years ago. Now the latest version of Runescape 3 has been released which embodies a medieval setting and a realm of fantasy and magic that requires you to slay dragons, make new friends, master skills, defeat mythical creatures and complete quests as you advance through the levels. It is known to be the greatest MMORPG game in the world and possibly the most addicting too!

Swords and souls

Swords and Souls is a simple but interesting game for those who like fast and easy fighting games. You can customize your character, train him and send him to the battle arena where he will face multiple opponents as the difficulty level continues to increase. On your way to this thrilling RPG game, you can unlock awesome skills, get new equipment, items, abilities, and reveal exciting upgrades. There are over 30 arena levels and survival modes to satisfy your love for battles. This game has a fairly large amount of ratings from its players.

Escape from prison

Popular point-and-click adventure game, Escaper la Jail is intended for players who prefer to play short games that end in about 20 minutes. All you have to do is click on the objects around you to help the character escape the life prison successfully. As simple as it sounds, this game requires intelligence because one wrong move can make you crack. This tricky escape game has 2D graphics that make it lively, but once you start the game you can’t quit it without finishing it.

SpongeBob Dutchman Dash

For fans of games like Sonic Mania and Temple Run, this scoreboard game comes with the most beloved nickelodeon character, namely Spongebob. Additionally, players can switch between SpongeBob and Patrick by collecting any presents as they arise and resisting obstacles to get the maximum score. However, the game is time-limited, which will keep you under the pump. It is a great alternative for those who love scoreboard games but cannot afford to buy or download them due to reduced system storage. Just stream it online whenever you feel like playing.

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