Do you have enough toilet paper for the coronavirus lockdown? Check out these calculators online

The coronavirus pandemic has sent panicked shoppers across Europe on a toilet paper buying and hoarding frenzy. Videos of brawls in supermarkets circulated widely on social networks and some even resulted in brawls that required police intervention. Are you also worried about whether you have enough toilet paper for the coronavirus lockdown? But how much do you really need? And what if the unthinkable happens and you miss it? Ironic online calculators are here to help.

At and, curious users can determine how long their stock will last. Just tell her how many rolls you have and how often you go to the bathroom. You can adjust the settings for the number of wipes per trip, the number of squares of paper per wipe, the number of family members in your household, and how long you plan to stay at home.

Generally speaking, people tend to overestimate their PT needs tremendously, according to the German website.

“A lot of people use more toilet paper than they need. For a ‘number one’ one or two sheets should be enough,” he adds.

A person with a stock of 10 rolls, who uses the typical amount of paper three times a day, should survive for 53 days, he says. A message says this is 39 days more than the recommended 14-day quarantine for people with symptoms.

The website also offers alternatives to toilet paper if supermarket shelves are empty.

Washcloths, strips of old rags, and even a quick shower are all good options. But be careful not to flush the paper towels as they could clog the toilet.

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