Flashpoint will allow you to play over 38,000 Flash games

The end of Flash was a long time coming. By the end of 2020, Adobe will finally kill the platform, and all those wonderful web games we played after the year 2000 didn’t destroy all computers will be gone. It started with the Internet. Thanks to a new launcher called Flashpoint, these Flash games will still be playable on your PC.

BlueMaxima describes Flashpoint as a “web game preservation project” because it believes the history of the Internet is important. And games created using Adobe Flash are an important part of gaming culture.

Since the start of 2018, Flashpoint has recorded more than 38,000 games and 2,400 animations. According to BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint trailer, he “scratched and scoured every site” to get as many games as possible. And there are many more to come.

You can use the Flashpoint launcher to download the whole collection of games. Or you can download individual games that you like, so you don’t overload your PC – not that Flash games would, but it’s good to be able to choose. Then you can just open the launcher and play. All the work necessary to preserve the games has already been done for you.

Although Flashpoint is all about recording Flash games, the launcher supports many other web technologies. It can run games created using Unity Web Player, Adobe Shockwave, Java applets, and HTML5.

Get the Flashpoint Launcher and all its wonderful Flash games

You can download Flashpoint from the BlueMaxima website. He keeps the launcher up to date and regularly shares news of his progress with fans. He’s got a team all over the world, but like it says in the Flashpoint trailer, time is running out. More help and contributors are always welcome. If you want to lend a helping hand or just keep your ear to the ground, you can join Flashpoint Discord from BlueMaxima.

The full list of Flashpoint games is available for reading. There have been many amazing Flash games over the years. What were your favorites?

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