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As much as I would like to be a good carpenter, I never have the right tools. I hung up a TV in my bedroom – and it’s a bit flirtatious. It’s like watching movies on a hill. I am convinced that the bubble in my level is screwed up. (I put blocks under one side of our bed and now I see straight ahead!)

Apparently I don’t have the right tools.

But from a fantasy football perspective, I believe in making sure I have all the right drafting tools, especially the free ones.

That’s the topic of this piece – sharing the best, fantastic tools that won’t cost you a thing. They should help you with your research project, your ranking preparation and your strategy project. You could have personal favorites instead, and I won’t blame you. You might even have some draft tools that you pay for that you like. Hey, it’s your money! I’d rather save that money for beer and wings during the draw!

1. The Athletic Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Although it’s not free, since you’ve already paid for your subscription, you won’t have to pay more money for it! It’s like when someone invites you to dinner, but asks you to bring the food!

The Athletic Fantasy team have some great drafting tools this draft season, including articles on:



Targets of the dynasty

Summary of drafts

Injury analysis

Auction values

2. Customizable Jake Ciely Cheat Sheet

This one has its own cry because it deserves it.

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