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Graphing calculators are very useful in situations where you want a handy tool to help you with complex math problems and equations. From trigonometry and algebra to statistics and sometimes even some engineering problems, these graphing calculators are the most reliable and portable devices to help you solve all of these problems. A graphing calculator helps you solve a variety of equations simultaneously. It is also equipped with a wide array of buttons, functions, and programs to perform a multitude of tasks that calculators shouldn’t be able to perform.

Take a look at some of our top picks for graphing calculators:

When it comes to the best graphing calculators for high school and college students, no one can beat the TI-84 calculator series. This TI-84 Plus CE calculator model has all the features you would expect from a classroom graphing calculator, but with a modern backlit color display and comes preloaded with several useful math apps.


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It has a rechargeable battery that should save you around two weeks on a single charge, which will save you extra money on batteries for several years of math classes in high school, college, and college. at the graduate level.

The Casio FX-9750GII graphing calculator comes with all the basic functionality of an entry-level graphing calculator, making it ideal for math lessons from pre-algebra to AP calculus and statistics and lectures intermediaries, such as geometry and trigonometry. The FX-9750GII also includes several context menus for easy access to functionality for common tasks. The high-resolution LCD screen features enlarged dot area technology that enhances visuals – lines and curves are crisp and easier to see and understand.

The high-speed processor processes long calculations and complex graphics quickly and accurately, which is essential during test time when every second counts. This calculator requires four AAA batteries and includes built-in USB functionality for connection to other devices.

Enjoy an easy-to-use high-definition 3D graph for learning math, intuitive and easy to understand using the Casio FX-CG50 scientific graphing calculator. This calculator has a very user-friendly icon menu, function keys and an interactive format that allows for intuitive operation. You can easily use the G-Solve function to easily solve problems involving intersections, roots, and integrations.

With this calculator, you can freely explore math by drawing graphs on rectangular coordinates and polar coordinates. With a simple user interface, it is efficient for collecting data for use in classroom science and technology courses.

One of the coolest graphing calculators in the math world, the Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS graphing calculator is indeed an advanced model on the list. It’s thin and light, and has a really functional keyboard for in-depth scoring when you’re new to a new concept. With the 3.2 inch screen, you can easily display multiple visual representations at the same time.

And since you can analyze large data sets and create graphs right on the device itself, this calculator can save you a lot of time.

The HP Prime Graphing Calculator is an excellent choice among the graphing calculators available in the market. Compatible with the touchscreen, the calculator lets you zoom, add images and draw on its 3.5-inch diagonal color screen. Its keyboard also lets you perform essential functions and concepts, including dynamic geometry, CAS, advanced graphics, and other applications.

An ideal choice for students, this calculator is approved for use during IB Diploma Program exams, PSAT / NMSQT, SAT, SAT math subject tests and some AP exams. On top of all this, the HP Graphing Calculator looks great, with its sleek brushed metal design.

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