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Being a young kid in the 2000s was fun. I came home from school every day with one thing on my mind, and no, it wasn’t to do my homework.

Instead, I would prepare possible combinations to try out in Bartender: The Right Mix.

And if I was fed up with it, you’ll probably find me fooling around in StickRPG, unleashing laser beams and fireballs in totally realistic bar fights.

Indeed, at a time when free games were rather scarce, free Flash games on sites like were our benchmark for entertainment.

However, after Adobe announced in 2017 that they would be shutting down Adobe Flash Player, many of us began to fear that we would never play these nostalgic titles again after 2020.

Fortunately, thanks to an emulator project called Flashpoint, it looks like we’ll be able to enjoy our childhood indulgences even after the service is shut down. 36,000 of them, in fact.

It was brought to us by a site called BlueMaxima, and they did a wonderful job.

Using it is a breeze – just double-click on the desired title in the list and the software downloads a copy for you.

Then it tricks the game into thinking that it is still hosted online and that you are good to go. Here is the trailer!

It’s a simple but ingenious solution, and you kind of wonder why no one has thought of doing something like this in the past three years.

Still, we’re glad it’s a thing so that we can continue to destroy friendships on Avatar Fortress Fight 2 as and when we want.

The site also has a full list of suitable games that you can check out here, although we expected more to be added as 2020 progresses. If you want to try the emulator, here is the download link for you as well. Enjoy!

This article first appeared in Hardware Zone.

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