Jewelers Board of Trade Launches JBT Application Program Interface

(PRESS RELEASE) WARWICK, RI – The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT), the industry’s leading resource for jewelry business and credit data, announces its third new program as part of a larger suite of four new member initiatives existing ones, the JBT application program interface (API).

JBT is undergoing its first major refresh in decades, focused on technological changes in the industry with new products to better meet the changing needs of members and increase internal efficiency.
What has not changed at JBT is the overall mission of the company. JBT continues to be the most trusted provider of credit information and marketing data on thousands of jewelry companies. They maintain a strong commitment to independence, data security and focus on the needs of members.

JBT recently announced their preferred partner program with Podium to provide messaging tools to jewelers and yesterday they announced an automated UCC filing service for memo items with CLAS.
JBT is now happy to announce its third new program – the Application Programming Interface (JBT) API.

An acronym well known to developers, APIs allow systems to communicate with each other through common protocols. Simply put, the JBT API will allow businesses and individual platforms to access real-time JBT data from their own systems. Simply put, this means that a JBT member could work within their own accounting system and access with one click:

  • The status of JBT member of a company
  • JBT Credit Ratings
  • JBT Credit Report Information
  • And more…

The API includes secure authentication, integration with JBT back-end systems for billing purposes, and a free sandbox for developers. There is no additional cost for JBT Enhanced members.
Still not sure how an API works? Here is an example:

When you use an application on your mobile phone, the application connects to the Internet and sends data to a server. The server then retrieves this data, interprets it, performs the necessary actions and sends it back to your phone. The application then interprets this data and presents you with the desired information in a legible way. All of this activity happens through the API.


What an API also provides is a layer of security. The data on your device is never fully exposed to the server, just as the server is never fully exposed to your device. Instead, each communicates with small packets of data, sharing only what’s needed, like ordering takeout. You tell the restaurant what you would like to eat, they tell you what they need in return and then at the end you get your meal.

According to Erich Jacobs, President of JBT: “This interface is an efficient technology that our industry needs to be competitive and JBT is proud to provide this service to our members.
The JBT API system is available to our enhanced vendor members and industry platforms.

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