Kill time with these Gundam flash games

You like Gundam? Do you have time to kill in simple flash games? So, boy, do I have the site for you.

Japanese blog Kenkouna Seikatsu (Healthy Life) discusses two things: Macromedia Flash and Gundam. There are more than a dozen Gundam flash games of several kinds. It contains action games, quiz games, side scrolling shooter games, fighters and even an RPG.

I’ve taken the time to try each of them, and here are the ones you might like. (Click on the title to play the game.)

In this game you choose your Gundam and fly through the set Gundam franchise, then face each other in a series of one-on-one or one-on-one battles against other mobile combinations.

While All stars pits Gundams from different series against each other, Gundam fighters allows you to pit the franchise pilots against each other in a melee battle in this traditional fighting game.

In this button crushing and timing flash game, asteroids are launched into Earth and only Freedom Gundam can stop them. Click as fast as you can, then fire up two timing mini-games to send the asteroids back into space.

This is a side scrolling shooter game where you control the Moebius Zero mobile armor from Gundam SEED and shoot down the Zaft mobile suits while dodging their bullets. Be sure to reload your shots to launch the Zero’s cannon pods.

If you like these games and speak Japanese, the site also has dozens of fan-made parody episodes many different Gundam series which may be worth the detour.

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