Nintendo’s classic promotional flash games are back … sort of

Modder, YouTuber and Nintendo aficionado Skelux are working to restore all of Nintendo’s old promotional flash games.

As spotted by Motherboard, Skelux claims in a video on his YouTube channel that he fetched the game files piece by piece using the Wayback Machine for games like Zelda: Wind Waker and Animal Crossing: Wild World – Trivia. Skelux searched the Internet Archive for the missing game files. He then compiled the files into working games, giving them a new lease of life for everyone to enjoy for free from his online game archive.

Over the past few weeks, Skelux has successfully rebuilt over 30 old Nintendo promotional titles such as Metroid Prime Hunters – Know Your Enemy, Donkey Kong Country, and Mario Kart Double Dash. Right now, there are still over a dozen promotional flash games that Skelux claims are working on catering.

However, the search continues to enable him to complete these games. The tenacious modder is now offering a bounty of $ 50 to anyone resourceful enough to collect the remaining game files.

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