Nintendo’s forgotten Flash games are playable again

We expect few tears to be shed as Adobe Flash has gradually disappeared from the Internet. The proprietary format was a bane that lasted for years, as businesses seemed to compete for the most bloated and bustling websites using this format.

But in the pre-HTML5 days, Flash was the basis for a number of online games, including, surprisingly, a number produced by Nintendo to herald their upcoming releases such as Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. .

Most of these games were considered lost because Nintendo retired them after their marketing goal was met. But now a fearless Internet archivist by the name of Skelux has made many of them playable on his personal site.


Unfortunately, the resources available to the fan mostly consist of the WayBack Machine Internet Archiving Project, the limitations of which mean that many games have files missing or are missing altogether.

Considering these limitations, Skelux offers a bonus of $ 50 for access to missing files.

The games themselves vary a lot in quality. Some are little more than microsites with game information along with screenshots and videos, while others are more interactive like the Metroid Prime Link Game (fully restored).

You can check out the games for yourself on the Skelux website.

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