Nintendo’s long-lost Flash games are coming back to the web

A Nintendo enthusiast is busy saving the company’s Flash game treasure. Headlines, which served as promotional links for releases like Donkey Kong 64, Metroid Prime, and Mario Kart: Double dash, have long disappeared from the Internet. But, thanks to the efforts of a modder known as Skelux, they are making a comeback. You can sample a selection of games, dating from 1999 to 2010, on its website (as spotted by Motherboard).

Flash once powered much of the web, including games. And, Nintendo was not alone in harnessing its power. Companies ranging from Marvel to Nickelodeon have used the plug-in to create interactive games that have served as a marketing medium.

The ultimate goal of Skelux is to find and restore all of Nintendo’s fallout. This can be tricky, as Nintendo quickly removed curiosity from the public by shutting down the sites. According to its YouTube video, Skelux unearthed the minigames piece by piece using the Wayback Machine to browse the internet archives. As a result, around half of the 31 web titles are currently incomplete, with Skelux offering a $ 50 bounty to anyone who can find the files. Yet those that are available contain charming distractions.

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