Over 36,000 Flash games recorded offline by Flashpoint

In 2017, Adobe announced that Flash would no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. With the discontinuation of the software, tens of thousands of games and animations made in Flash would be lost without the efforts of a team of the name. by BlueMaxima. and their Flashpoint project.

Flashpoint is an archive of over 38,000 games and 2,400 animations, recording an important part of Internet history, the history of video games, and the fondest memories of many. The program, which can run on thirteen platforms, also supports Adobe Shockwave, HTML5, Java applets, and Unity Web Player.


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A little over ten years ago, animation and games created in Flash were a staple of Internet media, with a multitude of sites such as Newgrounds, Miniclip and Armor Games forming communities around them. Back in the day, students playing Flash games were commonplace in computer labs in schools around the world. While Flash eventually fell out of favor with gaming platforms like Steam and the mobile gaming market, due to their ease of monetization and massive user bases, many creators started their careers on Flash, making games. relatively simple for free on the Internet. Many popular games now available on iOS, Google Play Store and Android, in addition to the creators of these apps, were once part of the popular world of Flash.

Bow and arrow flash game

For games that never made their way onto other platforms, however, Flashpoint will preserve them. Anyone can suggest games to BlueMaxima for archiving, and creators have the option to request that their games be removed from Flashpoint. However, as these games would otherwise become unplayable, removal requests appear to be extremely rare.

The entire game and animation archive takes up a gargantuan amount of storage space, around 290 GB. Fortunately, a much smaller option is available, which allows users to simply download the games and animations from the computer. as they choose to play it.

While shutting down Flash is sadly close to a wonderful world rich in games and media, it’s heartwarming to know that the door to its legacy remains slightly ajar to welcome visitors new and old. Those whose memories are full of Age of war, Super Mario Crossover, and Raft wars I have a lot to thank the volunteers at Blue Maxima, who keep these games from becoming memories.

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Sources: bluemaxima.org, Kotaku

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