Summer program helps high school artists build professional careers

“This is how I navigate the world… Art connects us,” said Derek Fordjour, founder of the CAM Summer Fellowship.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis is known for many things such as its food, music and culture. An organization adds art to the mix and involves young people.

Art adds an accent to life.

For Derek Fordjour, originally from Memphis, it fits into all aspects of being.

“This is how I navigate the world. Art connects us. And that’s why I really believe in it. So a lot of racial and class divisions and all the things that separate us, I really believe in the power of art to build bridges with people, ”said Derek Fordjour, founder of the Summer Fellowship program. contemporary art Memphis.

This bridge is what Fordjour strives to connect Memphis with the world, starting with the youth. Fordjour started on Memphis Contemporary Arts Summer Scholarship for high school students.

“Contemporary art is art relevant to the present, living artists, artists making art on our culture, our society at this time,” said Fordjour. “Our summer program is an opportunity for kids who don’t know how to go from a private studio to a museum, how you actually live the life of a professional artist.”

This is the knowledge Fordjour acquired as he grew older.

“It was a little tragic that it was very difficult when I came to make a living as an artist locally,” said Fordjour.

The Summer Fellowship is a four week sleep environment for young artists.

“They will be able to make art, come into contact with arts professionals, administrators, curators. They will also learn a lot about how the art market works and see different models of how artists across the country make their own lives. And then there will be a week of travel, ”said Fordjour.

They are spreading their web outside the Mid-South.

“I think learning is a bit broader than what happens in institutions. So I bring a lot of applications to the real world, ”said Fordjour. “If we can give them a roadmap before they start their journey to college, we believe that ultimately they will have greater long-term sustainability. “

They create a mosaic of Memphis art for the world to see.

Applications for the CAM summer scholarship open this spring. For more information, Click here.

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