Taylor Creates Innovative Recycling Program for Signs and Graphics

NORTH MANKATO, Minnesota–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Taylor Company unveiled a new recycling strategy for the signs and graphics it creates for its clients.

Taylor has partnered with raw material suppliers to introduce Preserving Earth x Taylor, a unique sustainability program that keeps unwanted signs and graphic materials from ending up in landfills and diverting them to a variety of creative recycling applications . Preserving Earth x Taylor allows customers to reuse packaging from recent signage orders to return old, obsolete signage to Taylor. These materials are then passed on to recyclers who specialize in the types of plastics and fabrics used in many forms of retail signs and graphics.

“Recycling programs are everywhere for post-consumer waste, but it’s always been very difficult for our customers to recycle things like signs and graphics,” says Alex Hill, the architect of this innovative program for Taylor. “As a leader in the retail signage industry, we felt we had a responsibility to do something about this. Preserving Earth x Taylor enables our clients to minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing their brand presence.

The Preserving Earth x Taylor program was created for agencies, retailers, architectural firms and trade show exhibitors who rely on Taylor signage products to build brand awareness and increase sales. Often made of rigid plastics and synthetic fabrics with limited reuse potential, these materials can now be recycled and turned into something else.

“The potential applications are quite exciting,” adds Sean Cushing, managing director of Taylor. “For example, many of the rigid plastics you see in trade show booths and retail displays can be made into flooring planks for decks and patios. We feel we are only scratching the surface of what is possible and are excited to lead the way. We want this program to become a movement within our industry.

About Taylor

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