Teacher orders calculators from Morrisons – instead gets 7 chicken and bacon pastries

Math teacher Alison Jagger was shocked when her Morrisons store was delivered to find that the seven calculators she ordered had been replaced with something very different

He was sent 7 pastes instead of 7 calculators

When it comes to shopping online at a supermarket, there is always a little risk because you can never be 100% sure that they will have your item in stock.

Often times, if they don’t have the exact product you wanted, they’ll come up with a similar substitute that they hope will do.

But one woman was recently shocked when her substitute item turned out to be nothing at all like what she ordered.

Alison Jagger, a math teacher at Wakefield, bought seven calculators from Morrisons through an online store.

The 28-year-old had hoped to give some to her high school students to use in class.

However, when her groceries were delivered, she soon found out that the supermarket had sent her seven dishes of chicken and pasta instead.

She shared the funny blunder on Twitter, writing, “When you order seven calculators from @morrisons and they send you seven chicken and bacon pastries instead as a substitute?”

His tweet quickly went viral, garnering over 4,000 likes and hundreds of retweets.

Morrisons official Twitter account responded to the message, writing, “Uh, wow. I don’t know how that happened, Ms. Jagger. Can you send us a DM with your order number, email address? , your postcode and contact number as well as a copy of your tweet so that we can try to understand what happened here. “

Speaking to The Mirror, Alison confirmed that she had since been fully reimbursed for the calculators and that Morrisons had also let her store the pasta.

Alison’s online order did not go as expected

She said: “I am a high school math teacher in Wakefield.

“Our school gave all of our calculators for grade 10 and 11 students to keep and use so they don’t need to split resources between bubbles as part of our covid risk assessment.

“But that then means students in grades 7-9 have little access to calculators for their lessons. So I was looking for calculators to buy myself for my students to use in math lessons and saw Morrisons via Amazon Prime offered calculators for £ 2.50.

“I thought I had as many as I could because it’s a really good deal, so I ordered seven.

“Then when it happened, they replaced the seven calculators with seven pastries! “

She went on to say, “My husband Jonathan ran outside and managed to grab the driver and said we didn’t order this, we ordered calculators and he just laughed and said it was a substitution and that we need to contact customer service.

“I requested a refund through Amazon and they refunded the full amount to me and left the cooked pasta for us.

“I’m just glad we didn’t order more because I would have had dozens if they had left me!” “

The teacher added, “Now I have to find scientific calculators as interesting as these.

“I don’t think the pasta will be very good for calculating angles in pie charts with grade 9 on Wednesday!”

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